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I grew up in London, not far from Camden Town.  I’m interested in finding hidden corners and traces of the past, details you suddenly become aware of.  I have always liked the way light can create patterns and how it changes the feel of places.

Portfolios of work >

DIAB ALKARSSIFI                                                                         

My name is Diab Alkarssifi.  I was born in a small city in Lebanon called Baalbeck in 1951. I finished high school in Lebanon, and in 1975 I moved to Moscow, Russia to study Philosophy and Media.  I was there for 1 year and a half.  Because of the war in Lebanon I had to move back.  For 16 years I worked as a journalist for two national newspapers Al Nida and Al Akhbar, New TV, and Sowt Al Shaab Radio Station and some other magazines.  I came to London with my family in 1993 and I have lived here since then.

I have been interested in photography from a young age due to being surrounded by a lot of photographers.  I think photography is history of life, and a language everyone can read.   After coming to live in London, I have continued to take photographs and I have committed my time to writing.  I have written five books about religion, tradition and culture.  My biggest ambition is to see them published.

Lebanese Archive 1889-1993 >

Portfolios of new work >

PATRICK COSTELLOE                                                         

My name is Patrick Costelloe.  I was born in Westport New Zealand in 1958. I came to London in 1978 and I have four children here.  I have lived in Arlington House since 2003.  I got a Kodac ‘Box Brownie’ when I was ten and for a while, really enjoyed photography. Having a digital camera has brought that enjoyment back.

Portfolios of work >

JEFF MC CRORY                                                                    

Born in 1969, London.

Portfolios of work >

ARMIN ROLAND MOEDEE                                                    

My name is Armin-Roland Moedee.  I was born in 1976 in Germany.  I’ve lived in Germany, Prague, Czech Republic, and in London since 1996, in Arlington from 2004 till December 2010.

I sofa-surfed at friends’ houses and stayed away from home from the age of 13.  Since my early years I was interested in political work and subculture.  My life was turbulent; I became addicted to drugs, started sleeping rough, and became homeless.  I didn’t want to live and neither did I want to die.

I have just moved into a private accommodation flat.  I still suffer from depression and often have phases when I am lazy, lethargic, and everything is locked away, but I started doing music technology in college, I am interested in gardening, and I want to express my creative ideas that normally are locked inside me through art.  These workshops give me some stability, some rhythm, help me to unblock and to feel more myself again.  I am trying to find my place in life.

JOHN S.                                                                                  

I have been involved with some art projects at Arlington before, and some of my work was exhibited in forms of some sculptures and pyrographs.  I made the sculptures from collected objects.   My favourite way of working is pyrography – it is a very ancient technique of decorating wood with burn marks.  I’ve learnt it in 1976 when I was at Wandsworth Prison, and I have enjoyed it since.  I like collecting images from magazines, and making copies of those, and I collect pieces of wood to make the frames myself too.

PRINCESS DOMINO                                                                                     

My name is Princess Domino.  I live in Arlington because I am homeless.  In the last two years or so, I don’t know whether I am coming or going.  One minute I live in a nice flat then I am in Liverpool, then here in this little room.  I don’t know where I am going to be next.  I get so depressed sometimes.  I miss having my freedom.  I get very sad because there is no room here to play with my toys.  I miss my 50” TV, sitting on my nice big sofa, and I miss my outside space, where I can sun myself on my deck chair.   Because I am a dog, people don’t think that I have any feelings.  They think that I am just an animal, but I have feelings just like humans.  I pick up emotions of my mom when she’s sad, depressed and when she cries.   Even though she is down, I still get walked, I still get fed, I still feel loved by her.  She has to be strong for the two of us and I hope we will get through it to find a nice house with a garden again, where she will be happy and I will be happy with her.

Portfolios of work > 


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