During her residency , Ania Dabrowska uncovered an astonishing archive of photos collected and taken by one of the Creative Space programme’s participants, and an Arlington resident, Diab Alkarssifi.   She worked with him for the two years (2010-2012), to put his collection in order, to digitise it, to record his reflections.  Selected stories have been showcased as work in progress at the artist’s studio, in exhibitions (Satellite Projects, SPACE gallery, 2011, House of Homeless, Arlington, 2012).

Evolving after the end of this residency, this work is being developed as artist’s new major project: Lebanese Archive  For more information and to sign up to news about project’s development, please visit the project website.

My collection covers history that goes back to my grandparents, shows life in my country at the time of peace, its traditions and customs, and the darker times of war.   When I came to London, I arrived with 18 kilograms of negatives and transparencies that I managed to bring with me from Lebanon.   This was just a part of a much larger archive of photographs I collected and took over the years as a photojournalist.

From Ania Dabrowska’s Conversations About Archive, Diab Alkarssifi, 2010

Selected photo albums from the archive:

Lebanese Archive of Diab Alkarssifi, 1889-1993, Edited by Ania Dabrowska, 2010-12


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