Jeff Mc Crory, “Triumph”, 2012, photography and text

I’m on the road to recovery.  I wouldn’t call them demons, more an affliction – but I am dealing with them…   13 days ago I started my detox. There are no excuses for being late to appointments.  No dramas accepted.  I have to be there every day on the dot, or the door is shut.  Responsible time keeping – that’s my step number 1.  I now have loads of support outside of the hostel, and it’s up to me to motivate myself to get it.

Isolation is a major re-laps factor.

No isolation for me.

I look forward to Christmas in Ireland with my family.  I will go there bright eyed and sober.

All I have to do is to remember the consequences of having a drink.  Like a kid with a bag of sweets next to him, I couldn’t just have one.  I know it results in going back to chronic drinking and then needing to start the detox again.  Insanity of this cycle of my illness is too familiar.  No more.  I am determined to work the programme, to remain focused and stay strong.

I look better already.  I had a hair cut, my eyes shine, I see things afresh.

I feel better too.  More energy.  More money.  Enthusiasm for things.

I have a will to live.

I triumph.

By Jeff Mc Crory, 13 Nov, 2012

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