Jeff Mc Crory, “Reality Check”, Photography and Poetry

Poem by Jeff Mc Crory and Lincoln Grant, Photography by Jeff Mc Crory

You’ve spent so many years dead
Being out of it,
20 billion years.
You are a long time dead,
My mother always says.

You can keep on tracing back
The strings that keep you stuck.
Worrying about scoring more,
Caning it.   I’ve been there too.

I collapsed, lost a tooth,
Cracked few ribs, bruised my face.
Bumped my head on the ground, passed out.
They de-toxed me at the hospital,

I was clean for weeks.
As soon as I came out, I reached for a drink.
How stupid can you get?

Why do you want to spend your life like that?
Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is present, said an eleven years old Iranian girl to me once.

I spend my days in depression.
I’ve got to get away from this.
Depressive states make me more depressed.
I’ve got to get away from pills,
Sixteen a day is way too many.

When I awake every day
I see the sea where my mother lives
And the church near Sainsbury’s,
I feel serene.

The drink and the drugs I cannot escape,
The feeling of low self-esteem.
I return back to the harshness of my day.
Reality sets in.

25th Sept 2012

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