Diab Alkarssifi, “Olympians”, London 2012, Photography


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France vs Team Greece: Despina Zapounidou, Women’s Athletics and Konstantinos Kokkinakis, Men’s Water Polo

Italy vs Angola: Athletes Catarina Camufal, Basketball and Mariana Henriques,
Women’s 50m Freestyle Swimming with Diab Alkarssifi

UK vs Colombia: Athletes Briggite Merlano, 100 m Hurdles and Lina Marcela Rivas, Weightlifting

France vs Team GB: Athlete Muhammad Lutalo, Taekwondo Bronze Medalist with Diab Alkarssifi

Sweden vs Team Senegal: Elimane Diouf, Administration, Lansana Badji and Dame Seck, Team Leaders

Brasil vs Team GB: Bronze Medalists Chloe Rogers and Hannah Macleod, Women’s Hockey with Diab Alkarssifi

UK vs Team Germany: Athletes Mira Bimperling and Jana Berezko-Marggrander,
Gymnastics – Rhythmic with Diab Alkarssifi

Canada vs Team Malaysia: Coaches Yukun Zhang and Yufong Yang

UK vs Team Yemen: Press Attaché Asem Ahmed Ayedh Al-Ghuribi with Diab Alkarssifi





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