Jeff Mc Crory, “Bone Yard”, 2012, Photography and Text

Bone Yard is a historic part of Camden and its people.  I know it as a drinking spot from years ago, which I used to frequent when I first moved to Camden to drink and smoke.  These days are over.

I have gone back there with a camera because I find it fascinating historically and enjoy its quietness – in contrast to the hustle and bustle just outside the gates.  Not many people are aware of it, especially not tourists, because it is in the back streets and there is no real knowledge regarding this site.

It is steeped in history though and what’s still around makes me thing of years and people gone by.  The rumours have it that it was a rich man’s graveyard during the Great Plague of London.  If you had no money you ended up in Black Heath (hence the name from the Black Plague).   Most names and their stories are forgotten or erased from memory on purpose.    These days are over.

(Text by J.M.C)

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