Lebanese Archive. “Hussein Youssef Saleh – The Man Who Has The Sheep, 1930’s – 1970’s”, Diab Alkarssifi, Edited by Ania Dabrowska

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Hussein Youssef Saleh was born in Baalbeck in 1925.  He was an ordinary family man, a cook with a big appetite for life, with an extraordinary curiosity about the world.  His nickname was Alrays – The Man Who Has The Sheep – a Lebanese phrase for someone who likes to wander.   As the history of the Middle East took its dramatic turns during his lifetime, he spent his free time travelling.  Hussein was not a writer, but he recorded the story of his life and travels through countless photographs.  He died many years ago.  This year, his son Ali gave Diab Alkarssifi a gift – an archive of his father’s photographs and documents spanning from the 1930s till his death.  As we unwrapped the package of old prints, the scent of Hussein Youssef Saleh’s cologne, still impregnated in the old documents, brought his story to life.   Edited by Ania Dabrowska

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