Princess Domino, “I Went To Lay Some Flowers For Amy Winehouse”, 2011, Photography and Text

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Amy Winehouse was so young.  She had everything to live for, and that’s why her death is so sad.   I went to lay some flowers near her home, as many other people did, because death like this could happen to some people I know personally.  You could be here one day and gone tomorrow – even at this age.  What a waste.  One person in particular, who is close to me, is in similar situation to Amy, and that scares me very much.  Even though they are trying to be clean, they could easily die, because a bad day could make them take that little bit more, or they could have a heart attack, or panic attack, or anxiety, that will bring on something fatal.   Amy was a local girl, we’ve seen her in pubs near Arlington often, she had a big heart, she was friendly, and her songs are about real things in life.

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