Princess Domino, “It’s A Dog’s Life”, 2011, Photography and Text

My name is Princess Domino.  I live in Arlington because I am homeless.  In the last two years or so, I don’t know whether I am coming or going.  One minute I live in a nice flat then I am in Liverpool, then here in this little room.  I don’t know where I am going to be next.  I get so depressed sometimes.  I miss having my freedom.  I get very sad because there is no room here to play with my toys.  I miss my 50” TV, sitting on my nice big sofa, and I miss my outside space, where I can sun myself on my deck chair.   Because I am a dog, people don’t think that I have any feelings.  They think that I am just an animal, but I have feelings just like humans.  I pick up emotions of my mom when she’s sad, depressed and when she cries.   Even though she is down, I still get walked, I still get fed, I still feel loved by her.  She has to be strong for the two of us and I hope we will get through it to find a nice house with a garden again, where she will be happy and I will be happy with her.

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