Diab Alkarssifi, “Ala Mata / Where To, 1987”, from “Pierced Memories, Lebanese Archive, 1889-1993”, Edited by Ania Dabrowska

Ala Mata /Where To  was a title of a theatre play written by me and my friends for our amateur theatre company in Baalbeck.  Lebanon has a strong tradition of theatre, and over the years I photographed many productions (professional and amateur) in various cities of Al Beqaa region, but this documentation of one of our rehearsals is particularly close to my heart.  We wrote Ala Mata play asking ourselves a lot of questions about changes taking place in our lives, about peace and future, given the recent break in the Civil War.  We were a group of ordinary, young working men: bakers, farmers, teachers, and students – not professional actors or play writers.  We were determined to do something together: for our community, for ourselves, and for the city.  The play was a comedy, it might have not brought any answers, but at the very least, we wanted it to bring people together, and make them laugh a little.  We collected and raised some money, we rehearsed for only three days, built the set with what materials we could find, and put up a show in our friend’s Al-Lakys open air coffee shop in Ras al-Ayn area of Baalbeck.   The names of my friends were Khalid, Housen, Khder, Ramez, and Mohamed.

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