Diab Alkarssifi, “To Save A Wounded Child. Lebanese Civil War. Baalbek. 1981” Photography and Text

From “Pierced Memories, Lebanese Archive, 1889-1993”, Edited by Ania Dabrowska

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The grave was their home, whilst others took the glory; they died saving lives; they paid with their own blood for martyrdom.  These three people were on their way to deliver blood to save a wounded child, when they were ambushed by mercenaries and hit with sniper bullets. Khalil Saydah, Salim Hamoud and Maria Sophie, from the Lebanese Red Cross, were murdered by treachery on a road from Zahle to Baalbeck.  They were martyrs, who hardly ever acknowledged, joined the countless list of civilian casualties of the Lebanese Civil War.  Salim was 38 years old.  He was a tailor.  Khalil was 26.  He was a driving instructor.  Maria Sophie was a nun.  All three of them worked for the Red Cross as volunteers.  (Text by DA)

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