Diab Alkarssifi, “Death Did Not Do Us Apart” The Lebanese Civil War, 1976, Photography

From “Pierced Memories, Lebanese Archives 1889-1993” Edited by Ania Dabrowska

Warning: Some of the photographs in this story may be disturbing.

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In military camps during wartime, not just this war, but any war at any time in history, routine, repetition, boredom, and waiting are big part of the everyday life for the soldiers.  The closeness of a group of stationed in camps like this one, so eagerly document in the candid photos of the camp’s life, is made stronger by a knowledge that not everyone comes back to smile in a next group photograph.  One day you are there, next day you might be gone.  Landscape – no longer innocent – is marked by all that is not visible.  Some of the men in these photographs have perished during the war, some of them survived,  now living very separated lives – in Lebanon or abroad.  The causes they were fighting for might have been only partly resolved, but death never torn them apart.  (Text by AD)

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