Diab Alkarssifi, “New Life”, 2010, Photography

Arlington is a place full of different stories.  I met some people who have lived here for 25 years: some of them are real gentlemen.  There are many other people, who have stopped trusting themselves to change their lives for the better.  They don’t see the future and live in the past; they have stopped at some point, like an alcoholic who drinks all the time – he doesn’t help himself and doesn’t let others help him either.  Why and how do people get to this level of stagnation?  Is it because they feel their lives have stopped, like that of a man who fell into a hole, who is waiting for people to help him, but a hand doesn’t appear… but then, when the hand appears, he can’t see it anymore.   Losing hope for change is like losing life itself.  This building has been here for over one hundred years and has witnessed many changes.  I have lived at Arlington for seven months and for me it is the beginning of a new chapter of life.

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